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Embark on a mathematical adventure by adding and subtracting dice numbers. Race your penguins to the top of the mountain. Oops! Watch out for Slippery Slide and Icy Icicle. Land on a Tip Top Tally Card and win a free turn or take a shortcut across Creaky Crevasse. Be the first penguin to reach the Tip Top and you win! Players can change the game board each time they play Evens and Odds. 4 levels of play so children of different abilities can have fun playing! Includes 1 Game Board, 4 Penguin Game Pieces, 2 Number Dice and 1 Operation Die, 20 Tip Top Tally cards, 6 Even/Odd Markers, 12 Snowball Counters, 1 Thermometer Number Line & Penguin Fun Facts.

Tip Top Tally

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