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Smart, Competent, Dynamic, Phenomenal, Unforgettable... just a few words that you would be proud to be called. In spite of your best efforts, how often does that happen? Do you know that by making a few minor changes or different choices, you can have those qualities and the success you want in your personal and professional life?

With the right guidance from the world s greatest mother and a loving, supportive family, Dawn Baker went from a small town in the rural south to an award-winning television news anchor. Now, she shares her secrets to success as only she can.

In Dawn's Daughter, she not only offers sound advice, but also gives you an intimate look at life through real world stories and examples that could very well make the difference in whether you land that dream job or watch your dreams fade into the dust. Nicknamed, the queen of common sense, just like the mother or best friend you never had, Dawn teaches invaluable lessons on relationships, career, and how to be the best you can be. In Dawn's Daughter, learn how to: 

  • Become strong and independent 
  • Make decisions that are right for your life 
  • Define yourself; know who you are and take responsibility for your life 
  • Set and achieve realistic goals 
  • Understand the value of a good education 
  • Become more successful in the workplace 
  • Avoid destructive behavior in personal relationships 
  • Understand the value of saving money and becoming financially sound 
  • Gain an appreciation for serving your fellowman 
  • Become the BEST woman you can be

Dawn's Daughter: Everything A Woman Needs To Know

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