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We are so happy you are here!  The summer program will be held June 5th - July 14th, 2023.  Horizons will be closed on June 19th and July 3rd & July 4thReturning Horizons students and their siblings will have placement priority. 

Please review the following BEFORE you apply:


  • Horizons serves students grades K-8th. Students must have COMPLETED Kindergarten before they are eligible to start the summer program. We do not serve students in Pre-K. We will verify age and school attendance prior to accepting students into our program. 

  • Families must meet the income eligibility guidelines outlined below to attend our programs and submit all required paperwork prior to attendance

  • There are three requirements to apply for the Horizons summer program.

  1. Complete the online application

  2. Upload your Physicians Clearance form

  3. Upload your Free and Reduced Lunch application (*If your child does not receive Free and Reduced Lunch, please contact us!)

  • Incomplete submissions will not be considered, so please be sure to complete all three steps!  We will contact you if your child has been accepted. 

Enrollment is currently closed.

For more information about school year programs, high school programs and Horizons call 912-961-8854 or visit our website 


Horizons Eligibility Guidelines


      Students must meet the following eligibility requirements to be enrolled:

  • Have completed Kindergarten and are at least 5 years of age before the first day of the summer program; are currently in grades K-8th. 

  • Meet the following household income eligibility requirements based on family size and annual income (gross income of all household members):












Add $4,540 for each person in household over 8 persons


  • Families will provide the number of persons in the household and annual gross income information in the online application to demonstrate eligibility. 

  • Students must have up to date immunizations required for school attendance or be under the care of a physician to complete the age appropriate vaccinations. 

  • Students must attend Savannah Chatham County public schools. Students that transfer to private schools after initial enrollment in the Horizons program will still be able to participate.

  • Students must reside full time in the Chatham, Effingham, and Bryan or other nearby counties at the discretion of the Executive Director.

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